Live Projects:

(The following projects are actively running and accessible to the public.)

Valid Gains Through Video Games is a free, one-of-a-kind conference hosted at Monmouth University (West Long Branch, New Jersey) that combines the exciting and important worlds of education and video games.

SLP Video Games is subscription-based website that gives speech-language pathologists access to library of online video games with built-in speech and language flashcards.

Jump Rogi is a free, online video game about a character named Rogi who is afraid to jump. Join Rogi on a meaningful journey where courage is built up, one jump at a time.

Upcoming Projects:

(The following projects are still in development and have not yet been made publicly available.)

To help children learn sight words, various strategies can be employed, such as repetition, multisensory activities, games, and incorporating them into meaningful contexts. Sight Word Meatball attempts to combine all of this in this carefully designed free, online video game.

A free, online video game that focuses on fostering growth and continuous learning. The Races That We Run invites platers to reflect on their progress, identify areas for improvement, and apply these insights to future endeavors.