Inviting Your School-Aged Clients to Teach You New Words

“Invite your school-aged clients to teach YOU new words during speech and language therapy.”

One of the more popular online video game experiences is Among Us. If you work together with school-aged children, there’s a high likelihood that they play (or have played) Among Us, and there’s a high likelihood that they enjoy it. One of the cool things about Among Us is there’s a bunch of “lingo” that is game-specific that, at least in my experience, children enjoy saying outside of the game. So, as curious clinicians, I think this is a great opportunity for all of us to ask our school-aged clients to teach US new words so WE can grow, as communicators.

Perhaps the most popular word from Among Us is “sus.” This word is a shorthand version of “suspect” or “suspicious.” Consider asking your school-aged child to define “sus.” Can the youngster define it to you fully understand? If not, where was the breakdown in expressive communication? There are so many ways that this can connect to a child’s goals and objectives, and best of all – it’s so relevant to the child.

Here’s some sample dialogue you might use with a school-aged client-

“So, I’ve been hearing about a game called Among Us. Because I love to learn new words, I was wondering if Among Us has any specific words in it that you could teach me. I think “sus” is a word from it, but I’m not entirely sure. I need your awesome knowledge. Fill my brain with your awesome knowledge!”

Let’s all make a conscious decision to learn something new from each of our clients today. Sure, we have so much to teach them, as speech-language pathologists, but wow they have so much to teach US. It’s a privilege and an honor to learn from our youth. Take advantage of their awesome knowledge. Have them fill your brain with their awesome knowledge.

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