I’m always keepin’ busy!

This is an often updated section of my website that tells you exactly what I’m focused on at this point in time. Sometimes what I’m focused on has to do with the field of speech-language pathology and sometimes it doesn’t. If you’re a fan of all things “behind the scenes,” you should be a fan of this section of my website.

Updated September 20th, 2018

-I released a new episode of SLP Trivia Fun last month. It’s episode number 8. Listen HERE. It’s rad.

-Last month I got to hang out with the good people over at Apraxia-KIDS and we shot a lil’ video thingy. Keep your eyes peeled for that sometime soon.

-Yesterday I got a flat tire. Bleh.

-Literally right now, like, right this second, I’m working on an articulation app that is amazingly exciting. It’s so exciting that I’m losing lots of sleep. I have’t been sleeping a lot at all and it’s all because of this app. I hope you’ll give it a try when it’s out. When is it coming out, you ask? Well, I wanted it to come out in September but… well… that didn’t happen. So, maybe October? Or maybe November? Who knows. Send me positive vibes.

-My friends and I officially started a band and we had our first practice last weekend. I play bass. The music is really loud but don’t worry, I wear earplugs because I care about my hearing. The people at ASHA would be proud of me.

-Speaking of ASHA, I’m going to ASHA Boston in November. November something. I think 17, 18, and 19? It’ll be good. Let me know if you want to do any karaoke at night – we’ll find a place in Boston. I’ll do a Bon Jovi jam and you can do THIS Backstreet Boys song. I mean, who doesn’t like that song? “I want it that way!”

-I just purchased an Amazon Fire Kindle thing because it was $35.00. I’ll mess around with it a bit cuz, ya know, tech.

-Want to listen to a song that just might change your life for the better? HERE you go. “But in a world of mouths, I want to be an ear.” -Jens Lekman

-My dog is sleeping right now and quietly snoring. How sweet is it to hear the subtle sounds of a doggie snoring? Life is good.

-Lately, I’ve been spending a substantial amount of my free time using the Tandem app to chat with native Polish speakers. I’ve been learning and studying Polish all year. It’s fun. So, like, if you speak Polish, let’s be przyjaciele. That means ‘friends’ in Polish. I think I spelt it correctly. I could check in Google Translator but whatever, life’s too short to be bothered with perfection.

-Ok. Gotta go now. Email me if you need anything. Pa pa! (That’s a slangy way to say bye bye in Polish.)


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