Jump Rogi

What is Jump Rogi?

Jump Rogi is a free online video game following a character named Rogi, who is afraid to jump. Join Rogi on a meaningful journey, building courage one jump at a time.

Tell me more about Jump Rogi.

Jump Rogi has two main characters, Rogi and Pie, who are supportive friends. Within each of the 10 thoughtfully designed levels, this free online video game utilizes engaging dialogue to express Rogi’s fears about jumping. Throughout the conversation, Pie’s supportive and encouraging comments to Rogi are an important aspect of the player experience. Pie gently pushes Rogi out of his comfort zone while acknowledging Rogi’s fears. This helps Rogi to keep moving forward. The apprehension that Rogi expresses represent the real-life struggles of facing various challenges in everyday life. Jump Rogi is interactive and inspirational through the forward-moving jumping game mechanics, as well as the motivational storyline.