Yucky Restaurant Menus in Speech Therapy [Free Download]

Yucky Restaurant Menus in Speech Therapy [Free Download]

Have you ever been to a restaurant that serves meals such as dirty socks soaked in pancake syrup or chocolate covered salty soccer balls? No?! Really?! Well, today is your lucky day because this speech therapy activity encourages you and your speech students to create a silly restaurant scene right in your speech therapy room. The activity includes a waiter, a diner, and some disgustingly funny (and imaginary) initial /S/ food menu items. I hope you’re hungry!

Step 1 – Download the menus!

Click HERE to download a free, 2-page initial /S/ gross foods menu. It features yucky dishes like red hot seven eyeball soup, sour seal tongue pizza, and more. These interesting entrees are sure to get your kiddos laughing and chatting in no time!

Step 2 – Have the waiter practice the initial /S/ sound!

Got a student working on perfecting the often tricky initial /S/ sound? Have him or her pretend to be a waiter. Make sure the kiddo remembers to produce a crisp and clear initial /S/ sound while he/she welcomes, seats, and serves another student some imaginary food from the menus. Have the waiter say initial /S/ sentences like:

  • Hello sir, let me take you to your seat.
  • Hello sir, I am here to serve you.
  • Hello sir, I am so happy to see you.

Step 3 – Have the diner practice the initial /S/ sound, too!

Enlist another student to pose as a famished customer who is looking to order one of the initial /S/ things on the menu. Have the diner say initial /S/ sentences like:

  • I would seriously like to try _______ because it seems delicious.
  • I see you have _______ on the menu. I would like to start with that.
  • I so would like to eat _______ because it sounds tasty.

Step 4 – Let the snacking begin!

With the power of your imagination, feel free to sink your teeth into the invisible meals sitting on your speech therapy table. Ask your students to describe the way that their make-believe meals taste. Teach them new icky describing words like revolting, nauseating, and repulsive.

In closing . . .

I have had a large amount of success in the past with turning my speech therapy room into a wacky restaurant. With the free menus that I am sharing with you, I guarantee that you and your speech students are going to have a blast practicing the initial /S/ sound. Bon appetit!

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