Who Is the Best Speech-Language Pathologist Ever?

Who Is the Best Speech-Language Pathologist Ever?

Have you ever wondered who the best SLP ever is? Well, wonder no more. I know the answer and I’d be more than happy to tell you. The answer can be found by going over to the following website:


Spread the positivity!

I made that simple, little website in the hopes that it might trigger a few smiles in our field. Feel free to email the link over to an SLP colleague of yours that means a lot to you. Or maybe you might want to text message the link over to the SLP who was your Clinical Fellowship mentor? The sharing possibilities of whoisthebestslpever.com are endless!

In closing . . .

This is a glorious field to be a part of. But guess what? You’re a glorious part of the field, too. So, don’t you forget that. If anyone ever asks who is the best SLP ever is, you now know the answer thanks to that simple, little website that I made. 😉

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