The SLP Trivia Fun Podcast Is Coming Soon

The SLP Trivia Fun Podcast Is Coming Soon

A long time ago I wrote a blog post titled A Speech-Language Pathologist Wears Many Hats. In that bit of writing, I mentioned how us SLPs are a rare breed and how, in order to be a great clinician, one must wear many hats. And I went on to mention how one of the hats that all SLPs have to wear, at some point in the day, is that of a game show host.

Game show hosts and SLPs have more in common than you think.

“A game show host single-handedly has the ability to make or break a game show by controlling the experience of each participant or audience member. The host controls a game show’s rules, pacing, audience involvement, and more.” -LearningWare

Doesn’t that sound exactly like what a clinician does, on a daily basis? Clinicians have the ability to make or break a therapy session by controlling the experience of each client. The clinician controls the therapy session’s rules, pacing, and so much more. So in short, a clinician can make or break the therapy session in the same way that a game show host can make or break the game.

How about a game show for SLPs?

Remember how I told you about how I was officially starting a podcast? Well, here’s my crazy idea: it’s going to be a game show podcast where each and every contestant is an SLP that must answer SLP-related questions. And I’M going to be the game show host that sets the stage for this speechie experience. I figured I’d make a pretty decent game show host because, as an SLP, I’ve already been wearing the game show host hat for a while. So why not double down on the whole game show thing and actually create a game show podcast for SLPs?! HAHA!

Is anyone a fan of trivia?

I’ve always been a fan of trivia games. When I lived in Detroit from 2011 through 2015, I was a member of a bar trivia team (hi there, Quizzo Detroit!). By no means am I the brightest crayon in the crayon box, but there were a few times where I was the only one in the whole place that knew the answer to the trivia question. And in those rare instances, oh boy, it was a complete jolt of happiness that filled my heart. Hooray for random pop culture knowledge! My team went on to win a few championships and all of that really cemented my love for the trivia experience.

I haven’t played trivia in a while.

I don’t know, it just seems like where I live now here in New Jersey, trivia isn’t nearly as popular as it was over in Detroit. So with that being said, it’s been FOREVER since I’ve had some trivia fun. So how about this . . . how about I start to have some SLP Trivia Fun to fill that lil’ trivia hole in my lil’ heart?!

SLP Trivia Fun!? Huh?!

Yes! SLP Trivia Fun! You’ve heard it here first, people. That’s officially the name of the podcast that I’m creating. SLP Trivia Fun will be awesome-sauce. The website is still very much a work in progress, but you can check it out right HERE. In the coming weeks, I’ll have some more information on it. Until then, start studying up on your random SLP facts because you just might be a contestant on an episode of SLP Trivia Fun.

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