The Secret to Making Great Speech Therapy Apps

WARNING: This video may cause you to become extremely hungry.

Please make sure you have some snacks near by while you watch this so your tummy doesn’t get too hungry. No one likes a hungry tummy, am I right?

Yes, I’m right!

Anyways, quite often I get questions from speech-language pathologists that relate to my speech therapy apps. Hands down, the most common question I get is something along the lines of, “Erik, how exactly do you make your great speech therapy apps?”

That really is a wonderful question, and today is the day that I’ll be lettin’ the cat out of the bag.

I created the above video, just for you, and it highlights the specific steps that I take towards cookin’ up my delicious speech therapy apps.

I know you’ll enjoy my step-by-step, secret instructions.

These speech therapy apps of mine really are a labor of love. I slave in my hot and sweaty kitchen all day and night because I need to make sure that my speech therapy apps are perfect for you and your amazing students. So do me a favor, give my speech therapy apps a shot. I have many different flavors to choose from, such as Multiple Choice Articulation, I Dare You Articulation, Open-Ended Articulation, Listen Close Articulation, Secret Mission Articulation, and my latest tasty treat called Charades Articulation. Bon appetit! (Get it? Bon APP-etit! Haha!)

The Secret to Making Great Speech Therapy Apps

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