Talking to Your Speech Therapy Students About People Who Turn into Dogs

Talking to Your Speech Therapy Students About People Who Turn into Dogs

Anyone who knows me, they know I’m a huge fan of dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, skinny dogs, chubby dogs – if you’re a dog, I’ll love ya to bits! My friend Summer is well aware of my dog obsession so she recently told me that I should look at the Twitter account called YouAreDogNow. She thought I’d like it. And you know what? She was doggone right!

Hilariously creative in every single way!

The person behind YouAreDogNow has an amazing eye for spotting peoples’ doggy doppelg√§ngers. All you need to do is follow @YouAreDogNow on Twitter and tweet a photo of yourself to the account. Then, if you’re really REALLY lucky, you just might get dogified by YouAreDogNow.

Dogified?! What on Earth does dogified mean?!

Instead of trying to tell you what dogified means, why don’t I just show ya?

See THIS GIRL eating some vanilla ice cream? She got dogified by YouAreDogNow.

See THIS GUY with the cool beard? He got dogified by YouAreDogNow.

See THESE FRIENDS dressed up as characters from Toy Story? They got dogified by YouAreDogNow.

Oh, and while we’re at it, there are even a couple of celebrities who have been dogified by YouAreDogNow. Will Ferrel, Justin Timberlake, and even Pope Francis have been lucky enough to be dogified. So now I’m sure you know what dogified means. And now I’m sure you understand just how awesome paw-some YouAreDogNow is. (Get it? Paw? As in, a dog’s paw? HAHA! I couldn’t stop myself from doing that. That was a paw-some play on words, indeed!)

Can we use YouAreDogNow in speech-language therapy?

Yes, you positively paw-sitively can! (Get it? Paw? As in, a dog’s paw? HAHA! That was even better than the first time around. I paw-sitively enjoyed that play on words! ) Right off the bat, you will see that each YouAreDogNow post features a pair of photos where the one on the left is usually of a human and the one on the right is always a dog. So with that in mind, my first instinct was to use YouAreDogNow while working with an elementary school-aged student who was working towards improving his ability to compare and contrast. One of his goals is something along the lines of the student will demonstrate improved verbal expression by comparing and contrasting people, places, and things with 80% accuracy, with minimal prompts and cues. And from that, you can see just how easily YouAreDogNow can be used for talking about all things related to same and different.

For example:

In THIS terrific post, the kiddo was able to verbally describe numerous similarities such as both pictures have water in the background, both pictures feature sand, and both pictures have a living thing standing on a surfboard. And when it came to differences, with a couple of small prompts and cues from myself, the youngster was able to communicate a number of differences, such as one picture has people swimming in the water and the other doesn’t, one picture seems to have four surfboards in the photo and the other only has one surfboard, and the most obvious – one picture has a baby human on a surfboard and the other picture has a baby dog on a surfboard.

Other ideas:

Don’t just stop at working on comparing and contrasting. I believe that we can use YouAreDogNow to target a myriad of goals and objectives. Maybe you can use the photos as story starters? How about you use the photos to target articulation? What about using the photos to answer various WH questions? And the list goes on and on so let your imagination run wild.

In closing . . .

I truly believe that YouAreDogNow is perfect paw-fect for all ages. (Get it? Paw? As in, a dog’s paw? . . . Hmm . . . is it just me or is it not that funny the third time around? But hey, I still deserve some props for at least giving it a try, right?) So do me a favor, take a minute or two at either the beginning or at the end of your next speech-language therapy sessions to show your students YouAreDogNow so you can gauge if it’s something that resonates with your students. I’m pretty sure it will. I bet ya that the pictures will generate a ton of giggles and where there’s giggles, there’s usually learning. Happy learnin’ to you, my wonderful SLP buddy.

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