Speech Therapy Warning Signs are Exactly What You Need on Your Door [Free Download]

Speech Therapy Warning Signs are Exactly What You Need on Your Door [Free Download]

o me, it’s all about first impressions and startin’ off the whole speech therapy experience on the right foot. That’s why whenever I have a brand new student on my caseload, I always make it a point to give ’em a warning. But not just ANY warning, a speech therapy room warning.


The warning is simple. Before the kiddo even enters my speech therapy room, I point to my warning sign and say, “Warning, this room contains a large amount of speech therapy magic floating in the air. Do not enter unless you are ready to have a great time.” The warning is always met with giggles and I’ve found it to be one heck of an ice breaker. All in all, it’s the perfect way to set the stage for what I believe the child should expect when he/she comes to speech. Always expect MAGIC!

So, how do the kiddos react to the warning?

It’s a blast to see the different reactions that I get from different children. In fact, one of my favorite speech therapy room warning memories involved a 1st grader who looked me straight in the eyes after I said the warning. He smirked and very seriously replied, “I know about the magic. I see the magic flakes floating around.” Then, he proceeded to push me aside and used his hands to grab the invisible “magic flakes” (his words, not mine) and put them in his pocket. In the weeks that followed, whenever that child was tired or a bit distracted, I would always grab some “magic flakes” from the air and sprinkle them on his head. Within seconds, he would laugh and then his focus was back on the activity at hand.

(Oh, and I have to mention that this one time, we had a “magic flakes snowball fight” and yes, it was as fun as you’d imagine it to be!)

In closing . . .

Do you think your kiddos might get a kick out of seeing a speech therapy room warning sign at the entrance of your speech therapy area? If so, please do click HERE to download the full color one, or you can click HERE to download a black and white version. If you love my warning sign, please share it with your colleagues. Thanks for checkin’ it out and enjoy!

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