SLP Trivia Fun Welcomes Katie Millican from Alaska

SLP Trivia Fun Welcomes Katie Millican from Alaska

The very first episode of SLP Trivia Fun is now live and you can go HERE to check it out. With this podcast, there’s only one rule, and that one rule is that every contestant on SLP Trivia Fun has to be an SLP. The format of the game show is simple, one person from the “audience” is “randomly” picked and asked 5 trivia questions which will have a specific theme related to the field of speech-language pathology. If the contestant gets all of the questions correct, that person wins a cool prize! Who doesn’t like prizes, ya’ll?

Let’s say hello to Katie Millican.

Let the history books show that the lovely Katie Millican was the first ever contestant on SLP Trivia Fun. She’s a dear friend of mine from Alaska. Katie has been working in a private practice for 2 months now which is a new environment for her since she’s been an SLP in a school-setting for about 5 years. She’s so good at what she does and her private practice is lucky to have her. In general, Katie is a star and she totally shines in this episode.

Lots of silly talk.

We talked about bald eagles sweeping up chickens. We talked about llamas (which, I’m told, are not native to Alaska). And we even talked a bit about dinosaurs (did they have dinosaurs in Alaska at one time?). I could chat with Katie all day. She’s grand.

When was the ice cream cone invented?

I don’t know. Listen to this first episode and you’ll find out.

When was the first journal article about autism published?

I don’t know. Listen to this first episode and you’ll find out.

Did you know that there was one year where the ASHA convention was actually NOT in America?

Nope, you probably didn’t know that and that’s exactly why you need to listen to this first episode. 😉

In closing . . .

Huge thanks to Katie for being on this first episode of SLP Trivia Fun. And if you enjoyed this podcast, please do reach out to me and let me know. It would mean a ton to me if you did that. Thanks!

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