Shrinking Speech Therapy Homework Sheets Results in More Homework Complete

Shrinking Speech Therapy Homework Sheets Results in More Homework Complete

Not too long ago, I wrote a blog post about mini homework sheets. To recap, in the past I’ve noticed that almost every single time I gave my students some speech therapy homework, a few days later they would almost always confess to me that they were not able to complete the homework because they had lost it. So in an effort to shrink the percentage of homework sheets lost, I came up with the idea to LITERALLY shrink the actual homework sheets.

Yup, I made ’em smaller.

I created articulation-centered homework sheets for my students that were pocket-sized, instead of the standard paper size of 8.5″ wide by 11″ tall. My rationale for these tiny homework sheets was that if the take home practice papers were a bit smaller, roughly the size of a typical cell phone, they might not get lost as much because students could just put the homework sheets directly into their pockets, thus, the homework sheets would have a better chance of ACTUALLY making it home.

Did my mini homework sheets idea work?

Absolutely! This idea has been a massive hit. My articulation students love getting mini homework sheets and they almost always will bring them back completed. And get this, they will now even request a mini homework sheet once the speech therapy session comes to a close. Imagine that?! Students asking, “Hey Mr. Raj. Do you have another homework page for my pocket today?” Now THAT’S music to my ears. Sweet, sweet music!

Mini homework sheets can be put in many different places, too.

I have a lot of fun with my students by encouraging them to put their mini homework sheets in many different places. Places such as:

  • Put your homework in the front pocket of your pants.
  • Put your homework in the back pocket of your pants.
  • Put your homework in your front shirt pocket (if the student has one, of course).
  • Put your homework in your sock.
  • Put your homework in your shoe.

They really get a kick out of putting their mini homework sheets in their shoes!

Would you like to give some of my mini homework sheets a try?

I would be so happy if you did! Right now, I have a downloadable product on my Teachers Pay Teachers page called 525 Multiple Choice Mini Homework Sheets for Articulation Speech Therapy. As I’m sure you could have guessed from the name, the downloadable product features 525 articulation-specific multiple choice questions that I know your students will enjoy. It’s 128 pages worth of amazing questions that will absolutely bring you and your kiddos 100+ hours of serious laughter AND learning. Check it out HERE to see a sample and to download.

So, what do ya think?

Do you think my mini homework sheets could be useful for you and the students on your speech therapy caseload? Do you think this spin on homework size might help your kiddos to bring their homework home? I sure hope so! Please, give these mini homework sheets a try and let me know what you think. And if you think I should make even MORE mini homework packets, let me know.

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