Rock Monsters and Speech-Language Pathologists Rock! [Free Download]

Rock Monsters and Speech-Language Pathologists Rock! [Free Download]

Every single speech-language pathologist has a token catch phrase that he or she always says during speech therapy. Mine is, “You rock!” and I always catch myself shouting it to my students. I guess it is just my thing, ya know? Well, not too long ago, one of my speech students actually gave me a homemade gift that blew my mind . . . it was a rock with a happy face on it! This kiddo found a perfectly shaped rock outside, picked it up, used a marker to draw a happy face on it, and then gave it to me. “Mr. Raj, I made you this rock monster. It is for you because YOU ROCK, too!” announced the youngster as I was standing there cheery eyed (and almost teary eyed).

Do you think that your speech therapy students rock?

If you think they rock (and I’m sure you do), how about letting them know by finding and decorating some rock monsters together! Then, you can encourage them to give their rock monsters to someone that they care about as a fun homemade gift. It is ridiculously easy; let me tell you how to do it.

Step 1 – Find a rock!

If your school has a few trees and some dirt on the campus, chances are, you will find some rocks. Why not take the opportunity to take your students outside to hunt for their potential rock monster? Make sure the rocks they choose are large enough so that they are able to be drawn on. Also, make sure that the rocks are a light color so that the markers will show up on the rocks.

Step 2 – Draw a face on your rock!

Two eyes. A nose. A mouth. Anything their hearts desires. Use that good ol’ imagination to create a spectacular face to really bring that rock monster to life!

Step 3 – Give your rock a background!

Encourage your kiddos to use their creativity to construct a unique profile of their rock monster. In fact, I made a FREE Rock Monster Activity worksheet that can be downloaded by clicking HERE. It contains the following fabulous questions on it:

  • This rock monster’s name is _________. (Examples: Boo Boo, Scooter, Lizzy)
  • This rock monster is from _________. (Examples: outer space, China, Hollywood)
  • This rock monster likes to sleep inside of a _________. (Examples: pocket, book bag, desk)
  • This rock monster likes to eat _________. (Examples: pizza, mozzarella sticks, carrots)
  • This rock monster likes to drink _________. (Examples: tomato juice, chocolate milk, water)

In closing . . .

You’d be surprised at just how much my speech kiddos loved this idea. Once we fill out our Rock Monster Activity worksheet, we practice our auditory memory skills by attempting to remember all of the details about the new rock monsters on the speech therapy table. Trust me, you and your kiddos will have a MONSTER good time!

Oh, and I almost forget to tell you about another FREE DOWNLOAD!

Click HERE to download your very own SLPs ROCK motivational poster. I know you will think that the poster rocks! Haha! 🙂

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