One of the Best Birthday Presents You Can Ever Give in Speech Therapy

One of the Best Birthday Presents You Can Ever Give in Speech Therapy

I love the feeling of putting on a warm sweatshirt in the winter, moments after it has come out of the dryer. So cozy and so nice! I also love the feeling of putting on a brand new pair of sneakers right before I go for a run. It feels like you are jogging on fluffy marshmallows! But do you want to know the number one feeling that I simply cannot live without? It’s that SUPER comfortable feeling of sitting in MY speech therapy office chair! Not to brag, but while my students are sitting on their typical hard metal school chairs, I get to sit on my oh-so-soft speech therapy throne (a.k.a. my computer chair) while I rule my speech therapy kingdom (a.k.a. the speech therapy room).

Share the chair?

Here is a question that I get from my speech students a lot. “Mr. Raj, can I sit in your chair today?” I always have to politely shoot down their inquiry because if I let one student do it, that would likely trigger an unstoppable chain reaction of “What about me!? What about me!?” and things would probably get really ugly. So after much thinking about this situation, I came up with a fabulous idea. When it’s the student’s birthday, I switch chairs with him/her! That’s right, my present to my students is that they get the HONOR of sitting in the one and only Mr. Raj chair during their whole speech therapy session. Sounds like a rockin’ b-day gift if you ask me!

Happy Birthday to you!

I’ll be honest with you. I wish I was rich enough to purchase a totally radical present for each and every one of my fantastic speech students (they are so worth it), but alas, that just is not financially possible. Luckily, I have had such success with this birthday chair idea. Simply letting my students know that they’re allowed to sit in the speech chair on their birthday has done wonders for the morale of everyone involved in the speech therapy process.

Let the countdown begin!

True story — students often pass me in the hallway happily shouting, “Hey Mr. Raj, 19 days until my birthday! I can’t wait until I get my chair day!” I smile and give them a HUGE high five.

Parents dig it, too!

I always get a kick out of the parents I get to meet during back to school night. More times than one I have had parents say to me, “So, this is the chair my child keeps talking about, huh?” It’s amazing to see that a small little gesture of sharing that chair translates to the child actually going home and mentioning it to their mother and father. How cool is that?!

Sharing is caring, my friend

So, what do you think? How about giving up your speech therapy chair to a child as a nice little birthday gift? Do you think that action would make your students giggle? Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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