Multiple Choice Mini Homework Sheets for Speech Therapy [Free Download]

Multiple Choice Mini Homework Sheets for Speech Therapy [Free Download]

I am just going to come right out and say it – my students used to NEVER do their speech-language therapy homework. This fact got me frustrated because I believe that when students actually practice OUTSIDE of the speech room (for example: at home), their communication abilities grow much faster. So, I started to think long and hard on how I could solve this homework predicament. Was there something different that I could do with the speech-language therapy homework that I was assigning?

“Mr. Raj, I would have done your homework but I lost it.”

Have you ever heard a statement like this from one of your speech kiddos? I am sure you have because I used to hear it ALL THE TIME! Upon further inspection, I noticed there was some sort of black hole that existed between my speech room and the child’s home. The homework was just disappearing and they didn’t know how it happened! Clearly it had to be a black hole, right? (That black hole seems comparable to the one that exists inside of all washing machines; you know how sometimes you mysteriously lose a sock but you just don’t know where it went?! It probably fell into a black hole, haha!)

Let’s make the dittos smaller!

I came up with the idea to create my own homework worksheets, but instead of making my dittos the size of standard paper, 8.5″ wide and 11″ tall, I made them pocket sized. These dittos are about the size of a cell phone and have been working GREAT!

Just put your homework in your pocket!

I have been handing out pint-sized homework assignments and I have found that once the homework is physically in the student’s pocket, the black hole cannot make it disappear! Eureka! (And since us speech-language pathologists love data – my homework return rate is now hovering around 80% which is terrific when you compare it to the initial 30%.)

Free download for you to print out!

In celebration of my wonderful discovery, I made you some FREE teeny tiny multiple choice articulation question dittos (click HERE to download ’em). These are perfect for students who are working towards improving their initial /S/ sound. Trust me, I guarantee your students will love bringing these questions home to share with their parents because they really spice up every conversation!

Want more multiple choice questions?

If you adore my multiple choice questions and you own an Apple device, feel free download my app called Multiple Choice Articulation by clicking HERE. It features a collection of over 500 sound-specific multiple choice questions and over 150 minutes worth of silly and thought-provoking audio questions and answers. Tons of clinicians are using this bad boy and it just might become your NEW FAVORITE APP! Give it a try and let me know how it goes, friend.

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