Missing Letter Articulation Is Perfect for Older Articulation Students

Missing Letter Articulation Is Perfect for Older Articulation Students

Let’s play a quick game together. This is a word game of sorts. What I’ll do is show you a few words and each one will be missing a letter. Try your hardest to guess which letter is missing so you can correctly spell out the word. Cool? Cool!

Time to get this word game party started!

  • 1. RABB_T
  • 2. R_BOT
  • 3. RECY_LE

How did you do?

Did you guess rabbit, robot, and recycle? If you did, you’re correct. Give yourself a solid pat on your back because you’re awesome!

And speaking of awesome, I just came out with a new app and it’s pretty awesome!

My latest app is called Missing Letter Articulation and it’s a speech therapy game. It’s jam-packed with over 1,000 sound-specific articulation word puzzles (words that are missing one letter). Your goal with these word puzzles is to figure out which letter is missing before the timer runs out. Remember RABB_T? And R_BOT? And RECY_LE? Yup! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. These word puzzles were designed for us speech-language pathologists to use with our kiddos who exhibit difficulty producing the following speech sounds: S, Z, R, L, S/R/L Blends, SH, CH, and TH.

It’s a simple game that’s perfect for older kiddos.

I created Missing Letter Articulation because I have a few older artic students on my caseload. Some 5th graders, 6th graders, and even a few 7th graders. Students in these grade levels need something a bit more “grown up” and age-appropriate. So in my humble opinion, this speech therapy app does the trick. If you’re looking for an app to use with your older kiddos, Missing Letter Articulation is where it’s at. Get the app HERE and let me know what ya think. Enjoy!

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