Listen Close Articulation Is a Speech Therapy Game Your Students Will Love to Play

Listen Close Articulation Is a Speech Therapy Game Your Students Will Love to Play

Is it snowing outside? If so, I’m one of the first people to dash out of the house to play a wacky game in the cold where I toss snowballs everywhere. Is there a huge pile of leaves in your backyard? You better believe I’ll jump straight into those leaves and create a game where I throw leaves all over the place. Good times! Good times, indeed.

So, why do I adore such silly little games?

It’s because I like to have fun. Period.

If you’re a speech-language pathologist that works with school-aged children, you better like to have fun because fun is a must. That’s exactly why I create all of my speech therapy activities by tapping into my inner child. I often think back to my younger years and say to myself, “Erik, think of some of the most fun times you ever experienced as a kiddo. Now, try to sprinkle some aspects of those fun times on top of your next speech therapy activity.” Visions of me playing fun games as a child always come to mind and that is essentially how my latest app, Listen Close Articulation, came to be.

Oh yeah, I just made a new app and I want to tell you all about it.

Remember that classic electronic memory game from the 1980s called Simon? (Google it if you don’t remember it.) Simon was one of my most favorite games to play while growing up. In fact, I have the best memories of my grandmother and I eating pizza together and challenging each other to Simon competitions where we would attempt to repeat those flashing lights and sounds. Trying to memorize the hypnotic lights and sound sequences was such a blast. So, I wanted to create an app for my speech therapy students that had similar fun components to Simon, but was grounded in a solid speech therapy foundation. Well, guess what? I succeeded!

Say hello to Listen Close Articulation.

Listen Close Articulation is a unique speech therapy game (app) that challenges players to memorize and repeat an ever-increasing string of articulation word sequences. It features a comprehensive collection of over 600 sound-specific articulation words designed for SLPs to use with individuals who exhibit difficulty producing the following speech sounds: S, Z, R, L, S/R/L Blends, SH, CH, and TH. The game is intended to aid in the remediation of articulation impairments, as well as auditory memory difficulties because clients often need practice in more than one area of communication.

The best of both worlds.

Just like the old-school Simon game, Listen Close Articulation is both challenging and exciting. Traditional speech therapy that focuses on improving articulation abilities can usually get stale and boring, but through this game, speech therapy can easily become an enjoyable competition that strengthens students’ listening ears, talking mouths, and thinking brains. A round of Listen Close Articulation consists of buttons (faces) saying articulation words in a random order, after which the student must reproduce that order by pressing the faces in the correct sequence. As the game progresses, the number of faces to be pressed increases.

Listen Close Articulation is fun. Period.

Trust me; you’re going to love this one. Click HERE to check it out on the Apple App Store. Enjoy!

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