Jet Packs, Magic Wands, and Time Machines in Speech Therapy

Jet Packs, Magic Wands, and Time Machines in Speech Therapy

As a speech-language pathologist, I’m sure you can agree with me when I say . . . sometimes our job can get a bit crazy. Huge caseloads, wacky IEPs – how do we even do it all? I often like to imagine how the job could be a smidge easier if we were able to have some out of this world items at our fingertips. Check out the top three things that I would LOVE to have ASAP.

A personal jet pack? Sure!

You know how we SLPs often have to travel from school to school? Well, just imagine if you could just strap one of those bad boys on your back. BING BANG BOOM! No need to worry about traffic. No need to worry about parking. Do the speech therapy at the first school, then simply FLY on over to the second school. *SIGH* I would love that. If anyone has a spare personal jet pack (or a hover board, that might be cool, too), send it my way.

A magic wand? Nice!

Please tell me you have heard something like this before, “Oh, we just got a new student who moved into the district. I am going to need you to use your magic wand on him.” Haha, well don’t I wish I actually had one of those? Boy, wouldn’t the job be a whole lot easier? With my luck though, I would probably leave the magic wand on the roof of my car and drive away. Yeah, true story, a few weeks back, I mistakenly left my phone on the roof of my car and then I drove away forgetting about it. I found the phone 10 minutes later . . . but it had been ran over at least a zillion times.

A time machine? Please!

“Oh no, please don’t spill that Gatorade all over my iPad!” Yikes! If only I could have gone back in time and put a cap on that kiddo’s drink! Maybe then I wouldn’t have a sticky iPad that smells like grape. That’s just one of about a million ways that I could utilize a time machine within my speech therapy sessions.

In closing . . .

So, what do you think of those? Do you dig what I came up with? Can you think of any other out of this world items that you would LOVE to have ASAP? Shoot me an email to let me know – I adore hearing from all of ya’ll.

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