I Seriously Take the Internet for Granted

I Seriously Take the Internet for Granted

Not too long ago I received an email of praise from a fellow speech-language pathologist. She wrote “I recently checked your site and signed up for your messages, I must tell you that I really appreciate your ideas and your way of dealing with stuff is great.”


As if you couldn’t guess, I was happier than a bear swimming in a pool of honey while I was reading her words! Her message truly made my day, but here is a bit of information that will BLOW your mind . . . I purposely didn’t tell you where that speech therapist was from. She. Was. From . . . Lebanon!

That’s pretty far away from where I live (USA)

After receiving a message like that, I came to two conclusions I would like to expand on.

1. I seriously take the Internet for granted

I probably never would have met this woman from Lebanon face-to-face, but the Internet has made it possible for us to have a textual conversation. Her email made me stop and think a little bit more about what I already knew, but never truly appreciated: even though people might be separated by thousands of miles, time zones and sometimes even languages, we can still connect with each other and inspire each other with the click of a button.

2. I don’t thank people enough for sharing on the Internet

On any given day, I read 10-15 blog posts and articles online that directly relate to the field of communication difficulties. Those writings clearly impact me and help me to grow to become a better speech-language pathologist. But I hardly ever reach out and give the writer the genuine thank you that he/she deserves. I might convince myself I’m too busy that day – that I don’t have time to fill out those little comment boxes, or take the extra step to click on the author’s email address. But really, those things only take about 60 seconds to do. I’m going to try to remember to give praise, reach out and say thank you to authors and bloggers that have put valuable, free information in front of me. I encourage you to reach out and do the same. Thanking a stranger for their insight can make their day and it won’t make you feel so bad, either.

So much gratitude! So much!

Maria, thank you for writing me such a positive, thought-provoking email. And to everyone who visits my site, thank you for the support. It truly means the world to me to know that there is a community of like-minded people in this field who share my vision and passion for speech therapy. YOU ROCK!

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