Giving Awards to Fellow Speech Pathologists Is Extremely Fun

Giving Awards to Fellow Speech Pathologists Is Extremely Fun

It was a Wednesday morning in April. It was raining (April showers bring May flowers). I was almost running late to work because my little dog was being a bit finicky with going to the bathroom during our morning walk (she doesn’t like it when it rains). After politely asking Stella to, “Go pee pee please,” she finally listened. Phew! “Now I won’t be late for work.” I confidently said to myself as I smiled.

I took her inside, gave her a treat, and bid her a fond farewell.

Then, out the door I went. Umbrella in hand, I dodged raindrops like a pro. I leaped over the puddles with such precision. All in all, I made it to my car not nearly as wet as I thought I was going to get. I celebrated my dryness victory with a sigh of relief as I lowered my booty onto the driver’s seat.

Or maybe I celebrated too soon?

As soon as I sat down behind my steering wheel, my butt got soaked. Why? Ya see, as I was driving home from grocery shopping the evening before, it was uncommonly warm. Something like 50 degrees. So I rolled the one window down on my side of the car to take in the fresh air as I glided down the street. Had I known that I would have forgotten to roll the window up all the way once I was done with the food store, I just might have NOT rolled down the window at all (who needs fresh air anyways? LOL!). Rain water was all over the driver’s seat because of my mistake.

It was only a crack, but that’s all it needed.

I almost rolled the driver’s window up all the way the evening before. Almost. But there was still a tiny sliver to go and that tiny sliver was enough to drench the driver’s seat. I sat right in it and immediately felt the wetness. So I did what any other smarty pants would do to save his pants, I took off my jacket and placed it on the seat as a type of protective layer between my behind and the moist car seat. What a crumby day this was turning out to be.

I finally made it to work, but yeah, I was late.

I was only a couple of minutes late, but late is late. I signed in at the front office of my middle school and there was a teeny tiny red L next to my name on the sign-in sheet. *Sigh.* Maybe the L was for lovely? But probably not. I think it meant late. Ok. Off to the speech therapy room I went.

Can this day get any worse?

I’ve written about terrible, horrible, no good, very bad speech therapy days before on this blog and I was sure that this Wednesday was right on track to taking me straight to Yuckville, USA, population: me.

But it all turned around because someone sent me an email!

As I opened up my laptop to check my email before the morning’s first group session started, I saw a message from a past co-worker. The email was simple, just a couple sentences: “Just thinking about you. Hope all is well. I made you an award. Hehe!” And there was this file attached to the email.

Wow. Just. WOW!

I forgot about all the not-so-wonderful morning stuff that happened to me. All of it. This simple act of kindness, via email, warmed my heart. So I instantly printed out the attachment and proudly tacked it on the corkboard behind my therapy table. A speech award!? YES! I was now an award-winning speech-language pathologist. SCORE!

Let’s spread the love.

I’m not writing this post to brag about the fact that I was recently the recipient of this spectacular SLP award from a buddy of mine. Nope. Not one bit. I’m writing this to encourage YOU to do the same for a colleague or co-worker in YOUR building. You can make the award over at Thousands Under 90. Just visit that website on your computer, type in the awardee’s name and job title, then tap ‘Award Me.” From there, you’ll see the customized award, in all its glory. At the bottom of the award, you’ll see directions on how to save the award by taking a screenshot of it. After you did the screenshot thing, you can totally email the screenshot to the person you made the award for!

In closing . . .

Somtimes life can get rough and tough but with positive thoughts and kindness, we have the ability to woosh away even the biggest amount of rain clouds. So do me a favor, think of your favorite colleague or co-worker and GIVE ‘EM AN AWARD. Spread the love and let ’em know how much you appreciate his awesome ways or her spectacular style. The person deserves to know. Am I right? Yes, I’m right. Happy award giving!

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