Get Well Soon Cards and a Fake Mustache in Speech Therapy

Get Well Soon Cards and a Fake Mustache in Speech Therapy

I love wearing fake mustaches, don’t you? I mean, who doesn’t adore sporting a fake mustache here and there for the sake of giggles? I don’t care if you’re male or female, wearing a fake mustache from time to time is always a blast, especially if you wear one during speech therapy! Don’t believe me? Well, I am about to tell you about a speech therapy idea that I know you’re going to enjoy.

It’s time for a disguise!

About once a year, I wear a fake mustache and a wig all day during speech therapy. My students always laugh so hard and usually shout something like, “Hey Mr. Raj, that fake mustache is awesome!”

Fake?! Who said it was fake?!

I proceed to inform my speech therapy kiddos that the mustache is NOT fake and that I am actually NOT the Mr. Raj that they are used to seeing for speech class. I go on to tell them that I am Mr. Raj’s TWIN BROTHER! I explain, “the real Mr. Raj, your speech teacher, is sick today. He asked me, his twin brother, to come to your school to do speech therapy with you because he didn’t want you to miss speech class.”

Aw! I hope Mr. Raj feels better!

I go on to ask my students if they have ever heard of writing Get Well Soon cards to people when they are sick? This usually opens up a large amount of spontaneous conversation that relates to WHY people write Get Well Soon Cards and HOW a sick person might feel if he/she received a Get Well Soon card. Then, I suggest that we write Get Well Soon cards to our beloved Mr. Raj.

Get Well Soon cards are important.

Whenever possible, I try to make my speech therapy activities as real world and functional as possible. It really doesn’t get much more real world and functional than teaching students HOW to appropriately write Get Well Soon cards. Effective communication is essential for the writer of the card if he/she want to ensure that the reader fully understands the intent of the card and its positive message. Click HERE and HERE for samples of Get Well Soon Cards that have been made for me by a pair of 3rd graders.

From articulation to language to WHATEVER!

I am able to target every single goal and objective out there with this fake mustache, twin brother, Get Well Soon card activity. Are your students working towards improve their articulation? How about adding as many articulation words in the Get Well Soon card as possible? Working on language and overall expression? How about encouraging your students to explain a time that they felt ill? HOW did they feel? WHAT did they do? So on and so forth. Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

In closing . . .

Do you think you could use this Get Well Soon activity within your speech therapy setting? Do you think your students would benefit from a few moments of actively talking about the importance of writing Get Well Soon cards? And most importantly, are YOU courageous enough to rock a fake mustache? Haha! Give this speech therapy idea a shot and as always, let me know how it goes. I look forward to hearing from you.

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