Do You Say a Speech Room Pledge During Speech Therapy? [Free Download]

Do You Say a Speech Room Pledge During Speech Therapy? [Free Download]

Students who receive speech therapy services from Mr. Raj always know that upon entering the speech room, the Speech Room Pledge needs to be said before we get started with our activities.

A pledge?!

Yup, I have actively been using my Speech Room Pledge for quite some time now, and my kiddos really enjoy it. In fact, it is amazing to see just how fast my students memorize this pledge. It brings me such joy to hear them say the following:

Speech Room Pledge

Here in the speech room
I promise to listen.

Here in the speech room,
I promise to talk.

Here in the speech room,
we all are good friends.

Here in the speech room,
the fun never ends.

Now let’s get started!

Do you think my pledge could work for you?

I believe that my Speech Room Pledge stands as a representation of all that I want my students to be. I want them to be kind to one another, respect everyone’s thoughts and feelings, and ultimately, I want them to become hard working members of society that communicate beautifully.

Download my pledge and enjoy!

Click HERE to download my Speech Room Pledge. This simple pledge takes all of about thirty seconds, so not much time is wasted at all. It easily sets the speech room culture and it is totally a powerful force for unity. In Mr. Raj’s speech room, we are a team and a family. I always tell my students that we are in this together, so let’s grow those brains! I believe that this pledge perfectly brings it all together to show that I mean what I say.

If you find yourself using this pledge (and adore it as much as I do, lol), please let me know. I would love to hear from you! Have a wonderful day.

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