Customizing Fast-Food Signs, Concert Tickets, and More in Speech Therapy

Customizing Fast-Food Signs, Concert Tickets, and More in Speech Therapy

I’m really not sure what has taken me so long to write about one of my most favorite websites called In short, this easy-to-use website allows you to effortlessly add your own text into real images such as church signs, bank signs, the whole side of a delivery truck, and more! And here’s the best part, once you’ve created your image, you can print it out and/or save it to your computer.

So it goes without saying, I’ve been obsessed with using this website in speech therapy for a VERY long time.

For starters, let me say that the possibilities for this website and its images are endless. Below, you will find three brief examples as to how I’ve used specific images to captivate and motivate my speech therapy kiddos. It’s my hope that these examples act as triggers for you and your creative brain to think of other cool ways to sprinkle this into other activities you do. I’m positive that you’ll come up with even more ways to utilize the powers of the described website.

My #1 Way: Customize fast-food signs!

Remember how I wrote about 3 yummy ways to add fast-food to speech therapy? Well, now that I have the ability to fully customize my very own fast-food signs; it just adds a whole new dimension to my ideas! Click HERE to see some examples of fast-food signs that my students have created in the past. From these examples, you can see that I encouraged my students to pretend like they were in charge of adding new items to the menus of their favorite fast-food joints. Any food (or food combination) was a possibility, so they were told to let their taste buds run wild. Afterwards, we would all engage in a meaningful conversation that allowed me to sneak in tons of WH questions, such as: How would you make the new menu item (remember to focus on the correct sequence while telling me the steps). Where would you get/buy the ingredients for your new menu item? How much would you sell the new menu item for? Why? Do you think customers would enjoy it? Why?

My #2 Way: Customize concert tickets!

I’m a huge fan of music and I often sing lots of songs in speech therapy, so it only makes sense that sometimes I pretend that my students and I are in a rock band together. Click HERE to see some examples of our ticket stubs that we made for our sold out concerts! Notice how all of the band names we came up with seem to have tons of /R/ sounds? That was no coincidence! For these particular students, we were working hard to improve their /R/ sound. So together, we brainstormed tons of band names with /R/ in the initial position and afterwards, we would practice our air guitar moves. For the record: my air guitar moves totally rule, so if you ever need any air guitar lessons, totally hit me up!

My #3 Way: Customize danger signs!

There’s nothing more frightening than reading a danger sign that warns people of a radioactive frog monster, right? Click HERE to see an example of what I’m talking about. I’ve often created a bunch of custom danger signs for use as story starters for my older students. They always get a real kick out of attempting to verbalize a story that relates to one of my wacky danger signs. Then, I allow them to create their own danger signs on the website. Also, it’s perfect for homework assignments: just print out a newly made danger sign and ask them to write a short story on the paper. They’re always so excited to share their scary tale with me during our next session!

In closing . . .

Now, if only I had a color printer! Even when I print them out as black and white images, they still do the trick, though. So, do you think could add some much needed excitement to your speech therapy sessions? Do you think your students would smile and laugh at the sight of their very own fast-food sign, concert ticket, or danger sign? Please give this speech therapy idea a shot and let me know how it goes. As always, I love hearing from you!

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