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6 Ghost Jokes That Will Make Speech-Language Pathologists Shriek with Delight

6 Ghost Jokes That Will Make Speech-Language Pathologists Shriek with Delight

It’s that lovely time of the year again. It’s Halloween time! I’m pretty sure that a large number of students on your caseload are extremely excited for costumes, candy, and all things spooky. So, in the spirit of spooky (and good, clean fun), I’ve come up with some child-friendly ghost jokes that you can share with your students and SLP colleagues over the next few days leading up to October 31st.

Enjoy these SPOOKtacular ghost jokes!

And just a quick disclaimer before we continue, I’m not responsible for any of your hospital bills if you accidentally laugh your head off because of these amazing jokes. You’ve been warned! Cool? Cool! LOL!

Question: What do ghost SLPs order to drink at Starbucks?
Answer: Coffee with SCREAM and sugar.

Question: How do ghost SLPs get to the ASHA Convention?
Answer: On a SCAREplane operated by American SCARElines.

Question: What did the ghost SLP say to her hardworking ghost student?
Answer: You’re really doing a BOOtiful job today in SCREECH-language therapy.

Question: What kind of mistake does a ghost student make in speech therapy?
Answer: A little BOO-BOO!

Question: Where do some ghost SLPs go after their work day is done?
Answer: To their local day-SCARE centers to pick up their ghost sons and daughters!

Question: What do ghost SLPs give their ghost students on the last day of speech therapy?
Answer: Ice SCREAM to eat and GHOUL-Aid to drink.

In closing . . .

If ghost jokes aren’t really your thing, that’s totally fine because last year I wrote a post called 6 Zombie Jokes that will Make Speech-Language Pathologists Giggle to Death. So, between the jokes about ghosts and the jokes about zombies, you’re bound to have a rollerGHOSTER of a good time! Happy Halloween to all. 😉

10 Scratch off Lottery Jackpots That Are Perfect for School-Based Speech-Language Pathologists

10 Scratch off Lottery Jackpots That Are Perfect for School-Based Speech-Language Pathologists

A couple of days ago, as I was cleaning out the desk in my home office, I came across a handful of unscratched lottery tickets. I was all like, “Whoa! Cool! Today just might be my lucky day!” So I immediately threw my hand deep into my pocket in search of a coin to get my scratch on. I found a shiny nickel, so I started scratching the ticket. I was a man on a mission; I had dollar signs in my eyes.

Did I win the big bucks?!

I sure did! I won a cool thousand dollars!

Haha! Just kidding!

I didn’t win a single cent. But it was still fun to daydream while I saw scratching. Daydreamin’ about what I would purchase with my winnings in the event that my scratched lottery tickets revealed a jackpot or two. With that cash, maybe a would buy a new car? Or a new computer? Or how about a boatload of new speech therapy materials?

Yes, a boatload of new materials would rock!

And with visions of new speech therapy materials tap dancing around in my mind, I said to myself, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were scratch off lottery tickets that were specifically for speech-language pathologists?!” That sure would be the coolest! Like, instead of the prize being a miscellaneous amount of money, the winnings could be something that related to the world of SLP. Here are a few SLP scratch off lotto ticket jackpots that I think could totally make us SLPs cheer:

  • Win 10 “get out of after school meeting” passes. YES PLEASE!
  • Win a magic wand that could “magically fix” any /R/ kiddo. AND I MEAN ANY /R/ KIDDO!
  • Win 50 “get out of lunch duty, bus duty, whatever duty” passes. SO GOOD!
  • Win a magic iPad would never run out of battery. Because there just ain’t nothin’ more annoying than an iPad that is all outta juice. AM I RIGHT?!
  • Win a “cut your caseload in half” card. HALLELUJAH!
  • Win a “cut your current number of referrals in half” card. I’LL TAKE IT!
  • Win a “cancel a week of standardized testing because it really messes up your schedule” card. SWEET!
  • Win 5 relaxing Friday nights all to yourself that are free from report writing. SCORE!
  • Win 10 “guaranteed IEP meetings where the parent actually shows up” cards. YAHOO!
  • Win a “you’re not allowed to make me travel to 5 schools anymore” card. PHEW!

In closing . . .

Think about it, the SLP lottery. Sounds like Heaven. Sign me up! If anyone knows how to get something like this started, feel free to contact me because I want in. LOL!

8 Places Any Speech-Language Pathologist Would Like to Visit

8 Places Any Speech-Language Pathologist Would Like to Visit

I have a little confession to make. Sometimes when I get home after a hard day of work, I plop myself down on my couch, grab my iPad, and explore Google Maps. It’s so much fun to just type in random places to see the interactive maps and satellite/aerial imagery that often comes along with each search. And currently, I’m obsessed with looking at maps of the United Kingdom because I’ve never been there before and BOY do I hope to get over there sometime soon. (I really want to see Shakespeare’s hometown, Stonehenge, the University of Cambridge, and oodles more!)

While peeping UK maps, I came across something speech-tacular!

What did I discover? Well, a random street in Broadwell, United Kingdom was called Speech House Road. And the moment I saw it, because I’m a speech fanatic, I started to squeal with pure delight. Speech House Road! What a cool name, right? So speechie! So wonderful!

That road triggered me to see if there were any other speech-related streets out there to be found.

One thing lead to another and before I knew it, I was coming across THE COOLEST streets out there that all had one glorious thing in common: they all were somehow related to the field of speech-language pathology. It just doesn’t get any better than that! So without further ado, please take a moment to peruse the ones that I collected just for you.

Speech Lane, Ponsanooth, United Kingdom (LINK)

Yet another great street in the UK. I’m about one second away from booking myself an airplane ticket so that I can see Speech Lane for myself. Oh, and also get some fish and chips in the process (yum!).

Speech Lane, Ponsanooth, United Kingdom (LINK)

The UK does it again! Speech Lane just sounds like a dream come true. It has such a perfect ring to it. Speech Lane. Yeah. So speech-errific, indeed!

Speech Street, Rayne, Louisiana, United States (LINK)

Finally, the USA has one. Phew! I was gettin’ a bit scared. Big props to LA for this one! I’d love to visit Speech Street. I’d imagine that my speech super powers would grow immensely if I ever had the opportunity to walk along that street. True? Yup!

Communication Avenue, Boca Raton, Florida, United States (LINK)

Yes! Communication! The beautiful art of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange ideas, thoughts, and feelings to someone else. Us speech-language pathologists can’t get enough of communication, so you know I need to visit FL as soon as possible so I can see this avenue in real life!

Voice Road, Carle Place, New York, United States (LINK)

As speech-language pathologists, one thing’s for sure, we all try our hardest to help people find their voice. So it goes without saying that when I found Voice Road, I was one happy clinician! Being that I’m currently based in New Jersey, I just might take a trip over to NY to see this particular road in the near future. (Don’t worry, I’ll snap a pic to show ya!)

Talkin, Brampton, United Kingdom (LINK)

The UK is back again with a good one. It’s not a street, it’s a town. Talkin. It’s short. It’s to the point. It’s pure speech goodness. If there’s one thing that all of us can agree on, it’s that talkin’ about talkin’ is the best. So because of that, I’m so addin’ Talkin to my list of places I want to visit.

SLP (San Luis Potosi), Mexico (LINK)

Hola amigos! Mexico is a country that is packed with history and culture. But did you know that it also contains an area called SLP? You can’t go wrong with that letter combination. Sign me up, it’s time for an SLP fiesta in SLP! Who’s with me?!

In closing . . .

This beautiful world we live in, it’s filled with wonderful places. It’s also filled with awesome speech-related names of places. Did I miss any cool ones in my list? If I did, please let me know. Let’s get the list even longer!

The ABCs of a School-Based Speech-Language Pathologist

The ABCs of a School-Based Speech-Language Pathologist

This is a blog post that has to do with food, or more specifically, the alphabet soup that I’m currently snacking on (fun fact: I love to eat alphabet soup from time to time, I’m such a kid at heart!). Well, actually, the blog post really doesn’t have that much to do with alphabet soup, but it does have everything to do with the alphabet. I currently have the ABCs on my mind, so I decided to write about the ABCs of a school-based speech-language pathologists.

Let me give this a go! Tell me how I do.

A is for assessments because we all like to give ’em! They help us to better describe and interpret an individual’s communication ability.

B is for Behavioral Intervention Plans because we love to follow ’em. We understand that by changing around a student’s environment, providing positive reinforcement, and/or exploring other methods of support, we are absolutely able to help that kiddo shine.

C is for communication because it is, hands down, the most incredible thing in the whole world! Once a student is able to successfully transmit or convey a message to another, we get all weak in the knees. So cool!

D is for diadochkinetic rate because PUH TUH KUH, am I right?! That’s always so fun to say! LOL!

E is for ears because we know the importance of listening. Each and every single day, we use our ears to listen to the dreams of each student on our caseload and we do everything we possibly can help those dreams come true.

F is for floor play, in that we’re never afraid to get our clothes dirty for the sake of perfect therapy! We can often be found sitting right on the carpet with our younger kiddos during a session.

G is for the Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation – Second Edition. I know that test like the back of my hand. ‘Nuff said!

H is for the hand-over-hand method we use with some of our students in order to help them follow through on various directions. We guide them by holding their hands to complete the tasks!

I is for Individualized Education Plans because those are the documents that we know better than anyone else! We know exactly how to design the most appropriate plan so our students have access to the education that they deserve.

J is for Jenga because it’s one of my favorite games ever! Like, ever EVER! It takes amazing physical and mental skill to remove those blocks one at a time (and if you think you can beat me at Jenga, boy you have another thing coming! Haha!).

K is for the Kaufman Speech Praxis Kit. A total must have for any of us that work with younger students. These flashcards are able to easily teach kiddos how to simplify word pronunciation patterns, thus, making it easier for them to communicate!

L is for language. As in expressive, receptive, and pragmatic. We get it. We TOTALLY get it.

M is for mini homework sheets for articulation speech therapy. Because. Ya know. Homework sheets are just TOO big sometimes! Go HERE to find out more about what I’m talkin’ about.

N is for Ned’s Head because it’s the funniest (and ickiest) game out there that will have all of your students giggling (and communicating) in no time. Trust me!

O is for OWLS, as in, the Oral and Written Language Scales test. It’s a super informative test that provides a simple means of assessing oral and written language skills across a wide age range. I dig it and you probably do, too!

P is for pretests and posttests because these help us to see the growth that has occurred in our wonderful students.

Q is for questions because through those, we help our students grow as fantastic communicators. We’re seriously the best at WH questions, wouldn’t you agree? (See, that’s a WH question right there! I’m smooth like a ninja! A speech ninja!)

R is for repetition because we use that to our advantage. Working on perfecting a specific articulation sound? You better believe that we’re going to have you produce a high number of articulation words because the action of repeating them over and over again helps with solidifying the given sound!

S is for Secret Mission Articulation. That’s a cool app I made that you should probably download right now! LOL! Go HERE to check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

T is for the TAPS test, as in, the Test of Auditory Processing Skills – Third Edition. Do you adore that test as much as I do? I seriously think I’ve given that test to over 100 kiddos in the last few years. It’s a solid assessment!

U is for Uno, the card game. It’s a classic. It’s a crowd-pleaser. It’s often used in my therapy room. How about you?

V is for voice because every single kiddo on our caseload has one and it should be celebrated!

W is for Word Search Articulation because it’s yet another app I created. If ya ask me, it’s a winner (but yea, I’m totally biased, haha!). Download it right over HERE.

X is for Xavier. That’s my middle name.

Y is for you because you are the best. Thank you for reading this silly little ABC post.

Z is for . . . well, I can’t even think of one for that letter (I ain’t that creative!). How about you give me a Z idea or two? I’ll be your best friend if ya do!

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