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Child-Friendly Dares Unlock Imagination in Speech Therapy [Free Download]

Child-Friendly Dares Unlock Imagination in Speech Therapy [Free Download]

Every speech-language pathologist has a story to tell, and this one is mine. As a school-aged child, I despised the fact that it was almost always mandatory for me to remain seated as I learned in elementary school. In retrospect, I felt like an animal locked in a cage, and now, years later, I see the same frustration in the eyes of my speech students. They usually don’t want to stay in their seats during speech therapy, and why should I force them to?

I want students to get up and move around!

My mind is curious, my spirit is adventurous, and my body is everything but still. I am an educator that believes in the power of using our arms and our legs during all learning instances, especially during speech therapy. Children, by nature, are active learners and this is the reason I have spent the last two years writing a slew of hilarious child-friendly dares. As a practicing speech-language pathologist, I consistently ask my students to do child-friendly dares during speech therapy and they can’t get enough of ’em!

Download my FREE child-friendly dares packet, today!

This PDF packet consists of over 30 flashcards that can easily be printed out, laminated, and used with all of the students on your speech therapy caseload. Some of my favorite include:

  • I dare you to pretend like you’re a ninja.
  • I dare you to pretend like you’re a dinosaur.
  • I dare you to pretend like you’re a ghost.
  • I dare you to pretend like you’re a guitar player in a band.

Click HERE to download the PDF packet. These child-friendly dares are guaranteed to help unlock your students’ imagination while they continue to work on their given goals and objectives.

What about articulation-specific child-friendly dares?

Now THAT sounds like a fantastic idea, right? What if I told you that there was a way to show child-friendly dares to your students that are categorized by the target sound they are working on? You would probably clap your hands and cheer, right? Well, today is your lucky day because I have been working hard over for almost a year to create just that.

Introducing I Dare You Articulation.

I Dare You Articulation is an app for the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and iPod touch that allows, encourages, and celebrates getting up and moving around during speech therapy while practicing proper pronunciation. The sounds included are as followed: S, Z, R, L, S/R/L Blends, SH, CH, and TH.

  • Working on initial /R/ sounds? How about this sentence? I dare you to pretend like you’re wearing red roller skates. Show off some really cool moves.
  • Working on medial /L/ sounds? How about this sentence? I dare you to pretend like you’re a smiling shark about to attack a sailboat.
  • Working on final /CH/ sounds? How about this sentence? I dare you to pretend like you’re eating a rotten peach for lunch.
  • Working on /S/ blends? How about this sentence? I dare you to pretend like you’re a scary vampire with scary vampire teeth.

With just the tap of a finger, children and clinicians can uncover 600 (yes, 600!) child-friendly sound specific dares that are perfect for the speech therapy setting. In addition, I Dare You Articulation has an exciting narrative audio component to it that allows you to hear the words spoken. If you are a fan of my Multiple Choice Articulation app, you will adore I Dare You Articulation!

Smooth and clean, just the way it should be!

I Dare You Articulation has a child-friendly interface that is simple, intuitive, and as always, there are NO in-app purchases or external links.

You should download I Dare You Articulation right now. Click HERE.

Regardless of when, where or how these child-friendly dares are used within the speech therapy session, one thing is certain; children (as well as clinicians) will have a blast giving I Dare You Articulation a try . . . and in the process, your students will continue to practice the correct pronunciation of their sounds at the spontaneous conversation level. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with this therapy material!

Multiple Choice Articulation Questions Can Spice up Your Speech Therapy

Multiple Choice Articulation Questions Can Spice up Your Speech Therapy

I had a 3rd grade student not too long ago who produced the /SH/ sound for the /S/ sound. Sandwich was shandwich, cement was shement, cinnamon was shinnamon, (and could you guess how he pronounced the word city?! EEK!). But rest assured, after several sessions with me, my student was an initial /S/ sound pro at the word, phrase, and sentence level.

Next, it was time to work with that child towards being able to appropriately make the initial /S/ sound at the conversation level. Let me ask you, how would you go about doing this?

You might approach the initial /S/ session like this: Break out the articulation flashcard deck (or one of your favorite iPad articulation apps), show a picture of a sandwich, and say “What do you see? Let’s talk about it. Describe it to me. Blah blah blah.” Yawn. BORING! That’s robotic and NOT FUN!

How can we spice it up?

I truly believe the most amazing gift that human beings have is imagination. That’s the reason why I always try to incorporate activities in my articulation therapy sessions that touch on exercising our imagination muscles. One of the best ways that I found to do this is through asking and answering multiple choice questions.

Multiple choice questions?

Let’s jump back to our initial /S/ session. How about you try this: Break out that same sandwich picture, but instead of throwing boring questions at your student, ask some interesting multiple choice questions (and tell them that they HAVE to pick one and explain why).

Here are some example questions for you:

  • What kind of sandwich would you rather eat – a sandwich that fell on the floor or a sandwich that a fly landed on? Why?
  • Where would you rather live – in a ham sandwich home or in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich home? Why?
  • What kind of sandwich would you rather feed a dog – a bone sandwich or a cheese sandwich? Why?

Asking interesting multiple choice questions like those not only gives your students an opportunity to properly pronounce the target sound, but it also encourages all respondents to justifying a decision or course of action.

Pretty cool, huh?

Imagination helps children grow up to be adults who are creative thinkers. Adults who were imaginative children often become excellent problem solvers and amazing innovators. Are you doing your part as an educator to ensure that your students are properly exercising their imagination?

My Multiple Choice Articulation app is NOW available!

If you think that your speech kiddos would love to be bombarded with over 500 sound-specific multiple choice questions, then please check out Multiple Choice Articulation by clicking HERE.

*** FREE resource?! Download it HERE!! ***

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