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Gravity Truck Racer All Levels Walkthrough

October is here and I’ve been busy, busy, busy. But of course I haven’t been too busy to keep you updated on all the great things that SLPVideoGames.com has been up to. So in this post, I’m excited to highlight one of the newest video games that I just added to the SLPVideoGames.com library. It’s called Gravity Truck Racer! (And I made a “walkthrough” video for you so you can really get a feel for how it all looks.)

Vroom vroom!

As the name implies, this video game has something to do with gravity. In typical truck races, trucks roll on the ground, right? Well, in this video game, the notion of gravity, as we know it, is non-existent! At the start of each of the 20 levels, your truck begins on the ground, but as soon as the race begins, you will have to press the up arrow in order to drive on the ceiling. All throughout the race, you jump from the floor to the ceiling, over and over again, all in an effort to avoid the spikes!

Loads fo fun!

Gravity Truck Racer is exhilarating, to say the least. As an adult, I find it to be a blast, and the children on my caseload, they can’t get enough of it. There are so many ways to infuse speech and language-based therapy while you play it. Give that featured video a watch because I do just that to give you some ideas.

In closing . . .

If you’re a member of SLPVideoGames.com, huge thanks! I love, love, LOVE designing these video games for you. And if you’re not a member of SLPVideoGames.com but you have any questions about it, please reach out to me whenever you want. I’m always here for you, and always happy to answer any and all questions that you might have.

May 2021 SLP Video Games Update

It’s been a fantastic couple of months over here in SLP Video Games land. I’ve been working hard to make that membership website as fun and functional for all of you. Here’s a recap of everything that I’ve been cookin’ up since I’ve last posted over here on this blog.

Expanding the library!

I launched SLP Video Games back in October of 2020 with under 10 video games. Now, there’s 14, and I’m just getting started. For anyone who has a membership to SLP Video Games, my promise to you is that I’m going to be working very hard this summer to make more and more video games so that the library can continue to expand into the upcoming academic school year and beyond.

The newest video game is Cheese Cheese Pretty Please!

I can’t get enough of Cheese Cheese Pretty Please. It’s just the right combination of easy and tricky – and that’s something that I’ve been truly trying to understand over the last few months… the fine art of making a video game both easy and tricky. You can’t have a video game that’s all EASY, that get’s too boring. And you can’t have a video game that’s all TRICKY, that get’s too frustrating. I’m still in the process of learning about all of this, as a video game designer, but I’m throughly enjoying the process. So, thanks in advance for giving Cheese Cheese Pretty Please a try.

In closing . . .

It’s a joy to know you and I am grateful that you’re a part of my journey as a clinician and a creator. It means so much to me that you take time out of your busy schedule to check in with me here on this blog. Much love to you. Stay awesome and hit me up if you ever need anything, my friend.

Best Skater Kid Ever All Levels Walkthrough

I’m back with another “walkthrough” video so you can see/experience the goodness that is Best Skater Kid Ever. This video game was just added to the ever-growing library over at SLP Video Games. This one is ideal for all your clients who like skateboarding.

Yeah, dude! Let’s go skateboarding!

Did you ever think you’d be skateboarding during speech therapy?! Welp, Best Skater Kid Ever makes it all possible. This is a jam-packed video game filled tons of skateboarding action. The goal is to successfully skate through each obstacle-filled level without having the character fall off the skateboard. Use the ramps to jump over walls, trash cans, and more. Enjoy!

Inviting Your School-Aged Clients to Teach You New Words

Inviting Your School-Aged Clients to Teach You New Words

One of the most popular online game experiences right now is Among Us. If you work together with school-aged children, there’s a high likelihood that they play Among Us, and there’s a high likelihood that they enjoy it. One of the cool things about Among Us is there’s a bunch of “lingo” that is game-specific that, at least in my experience, children enjoy saying outside of the game. So, as curious clinicians, I think this is a great opportunity for all of us to ask our school-aged clients to teach US new words so WE can grow, as communicators.

Perhaps the most popular word from Among Us is “sus.” This word is a shorthand version of “suspect” or “suspicious.” Consider asking your school-aged child to define “sus.” Can the youngster define it to you fully understand? If not, where was the breakdown in expressive communication? There are so many ways that this can connect to a child’s goals and objectives, and best of all – it’s so relevant to the child.

Here’s some sample dialogue you might use with a school-aged client-

So, I’ve been hearing about a game called Among Us. Because I love to learn new words, I was wondering if Among Us has any specific words in it that you could teach me. I think “sus” is a word from it, but I’m not entirely sure. I need your awesome knowledge. Fill my brain with your awesome knowledge!

Let’s all make a conscious decision to learn something new from each of our clients today. Sure, we have so much to teach them, as speech-language pathologists, but wow they have so much to teach US. It’s a privilege and an honor to learn from our youth. Take advantage of their awesome knowledge. Have them fill your brain with their awesome knowledge.