Are You a Stressed Out Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Student? [Free Download]

Are You a Stressed Out Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Student? [Free Download]

Listen up, this blog post is for all you future speech-language pathologists out there. The ones who are currently fighting their ways through the jungles of graduate school – this one is for you. I know you’re probably thinking about final exams or the Praxis exam and you might be a bit stressed out (dare I say scared to death?). Well, I’ve been meaning to tell you that it’s okay to be stressed out and scared. Trust me. Everyone gets stressed out and scared, and if you ever meet someone who tells you anything different, don’t waste your time with that person because he/she is a liar, liar, pants on fire.

But what if I fail my final exam for (insert SLP graduate class title here) or what if I flunk the Praxis exam?

Trust me, you’re not going to. I know I don’t personally know you, but here is something that I do know – you are pursuing the field of speech-language pathology because you are obsessed with the beauty that is human communication. It pains you when a person is unable to effectively communicate. It brings you tears of joy when a person finds their voice. See, you are in this for the right reasons, and that alone will get you past any exam you need to take or hurdle you need to jump over.

But I really don’t know everything there is to know about speech-language pathology yet!

Guess what? I don’t either. There I said it and I am not embarrassed in the least. It is absolutely impossible to know it all. I have been a practicing speech-language for a number of years and every single day that goes by, I find myself saying, “Wow! I never knew that!” See, I learned something new because there is always something new to learn. I’ll be honest with you, you know more than you think and once you enter the field and start working, you will know and learn even more. That is how you will grow as a professional because that is how we all grow as professionals.

Silence those monsters and kick ’em to the curb!

You know those negative thoughts in your brain? They are all made up. They are lies. They are the same thing as those spooky little monsters under your bed – simply shadows caused by something that isn’t real. So just relax, shut your eyes, take a deep breath, and tell those monsters to hit the road because they can’t hold you back. You were put on this Earth to do awesome things. So go get ’em tiger!

Need some more motivation? How about this FREE DOWNLOAD?

Click HERE to download your very own SLP graduate student motivational poster. I made this just for you. Your mission is to hang this poster up and read the words on it every single day. Will you accept your mission?

In closing . . .

SLP_Echo (one of my fav blogs) just wrote a spectacular blog post where she offers interviewing advice to future SLPs trying to get admittance into a SLP graduate school. Though her post focuses on students interviewing with graduate programs, I believe that the content is extremely relevant for any newly graduated (or soon-to-be graduated) SLPs who are thinking about what the interview questions will be like as they interview for their first SLP job. This post is one of those things that I wish I had a few years back, so please do yourself a favor and check it out.

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