A Rock and Roll Song About Ninja Speech-Language Pathologists

Would you like to know the one thing that I could never ever live without? I’ll give you a hint – it starts with the letter M. No, it’s not not milkshakes (although I do absolutely adore chocolate milkshakes! Yum!) The answer to the initial question is music! Music is the one thing that I could never ever live without and I think that Prince Ea (one of my favorite YouTubers) said it best in this Instagram post that reads: “With the right music, you either forget everything or you remember everything.” Isn’t that a terrific quote? It perfectly describes why I believe that music is the most important thing on this planet.

Do you listen to speech-language pathology music?

I know what you might be saying right now – “Speech-language pathology music?! There’s no such thing as speech-language pathology music!” And if you are, in fact, saying that, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. There actually IS a such thing as speech-language pathology music. It might not be the most popular genre out there, but hey, maybe I can help the genre to grow?

Here’s my attempt at helping the genre grow!

My song is called Ninjas of Speech and it’s based off of the blog posted I wrote a while back titled 5 Ninja Characteristics All Speech Pathologists Have. Give the song a listen above or feel free to directly download the mp3 file HERE.

Ninjas of Speech (01:48)

I’ve got something to share about speech pathologists
There’s 5 ninja skills they share as characteristics
That help students reach black belt communication
Now here’s the list so please pay attention

Number 1 is speed of word and thought
To compress information in 30 minute blocks

Number 2 is strength and power
To tame the tongue in blocks of half an hour

Number 3 is stamina, our old friend
We don’t give up on clients until they reach the end
We’re patient, calm, and oh so understandings
Devoted, kind, and never demanding

Number 4 is all of our various techniques
We adapt material from week to week

Finally the last ninja trait of all, number 5 is our intelligence
To assess, diagnose, treat, and prevent

SLPs are ninjas of speech
SLPs are ninjas of speech

In closing . . .

Maybe I’ll make some more songs in the future. Would you be into that? Please let me know. 😉

A Rock and Roll Song About Ninja Speech-Language Pathologists

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