9 Creative Speech-Language Pathologists You Should Follow on Instagram Right Now

9 Creative Speech-Language Pathologists You Should Follow on Instagram Right Now

I totally love Instagram. It’s a free online photo sharing and social networking platform that happily lives on my mobile device. I just can’t get enough of Instagram. It’s all the rage right now and lately, I’ve been getting a ton of speech therapy ideas from it.

Wait what?! Speech therapy ideas from Instagram?!

Yup! Instagram isn’t just a digital space for users to post funny dog pics or snapshots of pizza. Nope. It’s evolving into something more. Something very cool. Something that perfectly relates to the world of speech-language pathology! It’s quickly turning into a place where amazing SLPs (just like you!) are starting to upload, edit, and share photos of their speech therapy ideas for anyone and everyone to see.

Upload, edit, and share the speech therapy fun!

With millions and millions of monthly active users (about 300 million, just in case you were wondering), the humungous Instagram community also consists of a growing number of SLPs who are committed to sharing little speech therapy tips and tricks with clinicians that are itchin’ for some new speech therapy tips and tricks! And some of those SLPs have even created a Photo-A-Day Challenge on Instagram to promote speech-language pathology awareness. So with that being said, let me take this moment to introduce you to some of my most favorite SLPs that are currently playin’ the Instagram game quite well. If you’re an SLP with Instagram on your Apple of Android device, you simply must follow these Instagram accounts.

Trust me, these SLPs are beyond spectacular:

In closing . . .

Are you riding the Instagram wave yet? If not, you should give it a try. Jump on in! There are so many good ideas waiting to be discovered within this social network platform. So many. And the list of SLPs that I just promoted to you is just the beginning. There are hundreds and hundreds of clinicians out there using Instagram as a tool to showcase some of what they do within their speech therapy environment. So what are you waiting for, join Instagram today!

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