6 Ghost Jokes That Will Make Speech-Language Pathologists Shriek with Delight

6 Ghost Jokes That Will Make Speech-Language Pathologists Shriek with Delight

It’s that lovely time of the year again. It’s Halloween time! I’m pretty sure that a large number of students on your caseload are extremely excited for costumes, candy, and all things spooky. So, in the spirit of spooky (and good, clean fun), I’ve come up with some child-friendly ghost jokes that you can share with your students and SLP colleagues over the next few days leading up to October 31st.

Enjoy these SPOOKtacular ghost jokes!

And just a quick disclaimer before we continue, I’m not responsible for any of your hospital bills if you accidentally laugh your head off because of these amazing jokes. You’ve been warned! Cool? Cool! LOL!

Question: What do ghost SLPs order to drink at Starbucks?
Answer: Coffee with SCREAM and sugar.

Question: How do ghost SLPs get to the ASHA Convention?
Answer: On a SCAREplane operated by American SCARElines.

Question: What did the ghost SLP say to her hardworking ghost student?
Answer: You’re really doing a BOOtiful job today in SCREECH-language therapy.

Question: What kind of mistake does a ghost student make in speech therapy?
Answer: A little BOO-BOO!

Question: Where do some ghost SLPs go after their work day is done?
Answer: To their local day-SCARE centers to pick up their ghost sons and daughters!

Question: What do ghost SLPs give their ghost students on the last day of speech therapy?
Answer: Ice SCREAM to eat and GHOUL-Aid to drink.

In closing . . .

If ghost jokes aren’t really your thing, that’s totally fine because last year I wrote a post called 6 Zombie Jokes that will Make Speech-Language Pathologists Giggle to Death. So, between the jokes about ghosts and the jokes about zombies, you’re bound to have a rollerGHOSTER of a good time! Happy Halloween to all. 😉

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