4 Imaginary Speech Therapy Apps That I Wish Were Real

4 Imaginary Speech Therapy Apps That I Wish Were Real

As you already know, I create some of the most fun and affordable speech therapy apps around. Apps like Multiple Choice Articulation, I Dare You Articulation, and Charades Articulation have been downloaded hundreds and hundreds of times and believe me, I’m working hard to continue to make new speech therapy apps just for you. But ya know what? There are a few speech therapy app ideas that I’ve had in my noggin for quite a while now and I haven’t gotten around to making them. The reason why is because these particular ideas are a bit “out there.” In fact, they’re so “out there” that I don’t even think it’s possible to create ’em right now.

Would you like to know about these app ideas?

Sure you would (haha!) so that’s why I wrote this blog post. Below you will find four of my favorite imaginary speech therapy app ideas that I wish I could make. Oh boy, if these apps were real, they would absolutely make my life as a school-based speech-language pathologist so much easier. My hope is that someone reading this post might be smart enough to actually create one (or all) of these apps. And if you do create ’em, please do let me know because I will totally purchase each and every single one!

A sneeze warning app!

This app would sound a warning noise right before a student sneezed all over me. The warning would give me enough time to grab a tissue for the student and to also whip out the hand sanitizer. Just gotta do what I gotta do to keep myself and my speech therapy room germ-free, ya know?

A homework reminding hologram app!

This app would create a hologram of me. Then, after going into the setting part of the app, I could program it to send the Mr. Raj hologram over to my students’ houses. The Mr. Raj hologram would knock on their doors and remind them to do their speech homework. This would absolutely do the trick and improve my homework return rate, for sure!

A missing game pieces app!

This app would be able to utilize GPS technology to somehow locate all of my missing game pieces that I just can’t seem to find. For example, that one random Jenga block that vanished last week or those two puzzle pieces that disappeared last month. Where oh where could they be?!

A dream monitor app!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes (err, lots of time) I have nightmares about IEPs and IEP meetings. This app is simple, it would monitor my dreams for me while I slept in an effort to stop bad IEP dreams before they happened. What I mean is if at any moment my pleasant dreams started to turn sour because crazy thoughts of IEPs started to rush the given dream, the app would automatically delete the IEP portions of my dream and replace them with more pleasant visions, like, ice cream. Or the beach. Or a puppy. Or maybe even combine all three: a puppy on a beach eating ice cream. Now that sounds like a much better dream than one that had to do with IEPs!

In closing . . .

My fingers and toes are crossed that someone out there can turn these imaginary speech therapy apps into a reality. If you’re that special someone, get crackin’ on programming those apps. I guarantee that you WILL become a millionaire. Enjoy the cash, buddy! 😉

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