4 Funny Things to Say to Your Speech Therapy Students on a Friday

4 Funny Things to Say to Your Speech Therapy Students on a Friday

I’m a self-proclaimed jokester. I love to joke around with my students in speech therapy because I have found that humor always helps to set the stage for a fun AND functional speech therapy session. Jokes are the best! And once Friday rolls around, watch out because Mr. Jokester Raj is always in FULL jokester mode.

Lookin’ for a few funny lines to throw at your students this Friday?

Look no further, my friends, because I got ya’ll covered. The following four sentences are four of my all-time favorites Friday jokes to say to my students and they always generate a bunch of smiles and chuckles. Feel free to give these gems a try this Friday:

  • If you try your hardest today in speech, I promise to convince the principal to close school tomorrow.
  • Actually, if you try super duper hard today, I’ll do all that I can to convince the principal to close school tomorrow AND the next day.

Or you could call the shots with givin’ your students some time off:

  • Wow! You’re doing so great with your goals and objectives. Ya know what? Take the day off from school tomorrow. You deserve it!
  • Actually, on second thought, I think you deserve the next two days off from school because you are doing THIS well in speech!

Introduce some language goals and objectives, too!

Encourage your students to describe WHY and HOW what you just said was a joke. Are they able to comprehend the fact that there was no school to begin with on Saturday and Sunday? And HOW and WHY you took that fact into consideration when you said that joke to them in the first place? Subtle language aspects like these can be a bit tricky for some of our students to understand and put into words, so you can easily do a bit of practicing with these types of Friday jokes.

In closing . . .

It’s always important to remember that humor is subjective. So before you try out the silly Friday examples above, please do make sure that the given students understand that you are just pullin’ their legs in a playful way. And if you think up any other funny Friday jokes, please do let me know so I can use ’em, too. Thanks, in advance, for sharing the sillies with me. You are an awesome jokester!

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