3 Great Ways to Trash Your Speech Therapy Room

3 Great Ways to Trash Your Speech Therapy Room

Are you looking for a fun way to bring some lively conversation into your next speech therapy session? (Duh, of course you are!) I recommend you . . . TRASH your speech therapy room! Making a mess of your communication headquarters will, without a doubt, get your speech students talking in a BIG way.

But wait . . .

I’m not suggesting that you break the windows and light the place on fire after hours in hopes of acquiring some insurance money (or a few days off from work LOL). When I preach to trash your speech room, I really mean to move some stuff around in hopes that your students realize the changes. Hopefully, this action can persuade them to spontaneously initiate a conversation about what they see. In other words, we just tricked them into exercising their expressive and receptive language muscles. (We SLPs are so sneaky! Hehe).

Below you will find 3 ways that I like to trash my speech therapy room:

1. Get your toss on!

“Students, look! Somehow our speech chairs got tossed up on top of the speech table! What do you guys think happened?! Let’s use our imagination and pretend that the chairs are alive and they hopped up on the table while we were gone! Why would the chairs want to jump on the table?! Do you think they were hiding from something?!”

2. Get your flip on!

“What!? Our beloved speech table has been flipped over!? Let’s use our imagination and pretend that a zoo animal broke into our speech room while we were gone! What animal do you think could be strong enough to flip this table over?! What do you think the animal was looking for?!”

3. Get your tip on!

“Oh my goodness! The trash can has been tipped over! There are crumbled pieces of paper everywhere! Let’s use our imagination and pretend that a little space alien flew into our speech room while we were gone! Do you think his spaceship crashed into our garbage can? What do you think his spaceship looks like? Let’s try to find it!”

In closing . . .

So, what do you think? Could this little speech therapy idea be for you? I really hope it is! If you give this idea a try, please email me to let me know how it went. I always LOVE hearing from fellow speech-language pathologists. Talk soon!

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