25 Ways to Praise a Student in Speech Therapy [Free Download]

25 Ways to Praise a Student in Speech Therapy [Free Download]

Do you often find yourself saying the same thing to speech therapy kiddos on your caseload after they do something fantastic? For example, let’s say a student of yours nails a specific sound that he/she has been working on for weeks. Do you shout, “Good job!“? I am sure you do. Or, let’s pretend that a student answers all of your tricky WH questions after you read him/her a story. Do you exclaim, “Good job!“? Again, I am pretty sure you do.

Ugh. We need to change it up!

I used to always say, “Good job!” to all of my students, and boy does that get to be BORING and PREDICTABLE! Where’s the pop? Where’s the pizzazz? The spectacular students on my speech therapy caseload deserve a bit more than the stale and routine “Good job!” praise response. Do you think your students deserve more, too?

Of course they do!

That is exactly why I created this FREE poster just for you. Click HERE to download 25 Ways to Praise a Speech Kiddo. This fun poster is full of my favorite sentences that I say to my students after they do something awesome in speech. Trust me, these sentences are clinician tested and client approved. I use these on a daily basis and I know you will adore them. Please give these positive sentences of praise a try next time one of your students knocks your socks off because of their effective communication skills. Let me know how it goes, friends.

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