14 Speech Therapy Blogs You Should Absolutely Be Following in 2014

14 Speech Therapy Blogs You Should Absolutely Be Following in 2014

Please allow me a quick moment to shout something at the top of my lungs – fair warning, cover your ears because this will be extremely loud. Are you ready? Okay, here I go:


(Yikes, my throat sure hurts now! I guess I forgot about the importance of vocal hygiene. LOL!)

Who is the THANK YOU for?

This appreciation is going out to all of the speech-language pathologists out there that take the time out their busy schedules to share their speech therapy ideas with others online through their blogs. Honestly, I’m beyond grateful for every single one of them and their mind-blowing posts that have helped me grow as a speech and language professional.

I firmly believe that blogging takes a great deal of courage.

The moment an SLP gathers up enough bravery to start a blog, that’s an amazing moment because we SLPs hold nothing back from our blog posts. When we write about our past experiences within the speech therapy room, we’re opening up our hearts and our minds to our readers and sharing valuable pieces of knowledge. All of us have something to share and it really shows a courageous commitment to the field when one of us says, “Hey, here’s a speech therapy idea that worked for me. It might not be the best idea in the world, but my students have benefited from it. So maybe, just maybe, it could work for others, too. I’m sharing this idea online because I want to help my colleagues. Giving back to the field by sharing is the least that I can do because I’m committed to my profession.”

So thank you for your courage to share and your commitment to our field.

With all of this being said, I wanted to take the opportunity to publicly highlight, in no specific order, 14 of my favorite SLP bloggers from 2013. It’s my hope that you give these fantastic writers a read because they are, hands down, the cream of the crop and I expect big things from them in 2014.

  • Home Sweet Speech Home is my go-to for the best app reviews. We all know how discovering new materials can get overwhelming, but never fear because Carissa has your back. She has introduced me to some of my favorite apps, like Word Vault and Storybook Maker. Oh, and she also reviewed one of my favorite card games ever called Swish Jr. so I gotta give props to her for that!
  • Speech Peeps is a blog that is filled with a zillion gems. One of which I have been referencing quite often is Allison’s post about the differences between caseload vs. workload. It’s a magnificent read so do yourself a favor and read it, along with the other posts on her blog, right now!
  • Speech Snacks is a delicious blog. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; this blog is the most unique SLP blog out there. Rose’s eye for combining lil’ snacks with speech therapy is always a blast and my kiddos enjoyed eatin’ bat wings, bat brains, spider eggs, and ghost guts during a session in October. Yum!
  • The Speech Bubble is a blog that regularly contains content that warms my heart and causes me to smile. One of the many things I adore about Maureen is that she understands the importance of acknowledging every single student within a school, whether they’re on her caseload or not. She described it perfectly in this beautiful blog post when she said, “Even though many of the students I come in contact with during the day are not ‘mine’, in that they are not ‘speech kids’, they are all ‘mine’. They can all benefit from a smile, greeting, a ‘good job’, or ‘cool shoes’.”
  • Busy Bee Speech is a sweet blog that has often rekindled my love for things I’ve forgotten about. For example, Lauren helped me to remember just how much I loved using flavored tongue depressors and smelly stickers in the past. For some reason, I ran out of those years ago, but after reading Lauren’s blog, I immediately ordered some more and my students were ecstatic when the package was delivered!

In closing . . .

Thank you, again, you to all of those wonderful SLPs. Their writing is phenomenal, their ideas are fresh, and they push me each and every single day to up my game as an SLP. I am forever grateful to be on the same team as those creatives. Team SLP! Our team rocks! Now, bring on 2014 because I’m ready for it!

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