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This is an often updated section of my website that tells you exactly what I’m focused on at this point in time. Sometimes what I’m focused on has to do with the field of speech-language pathology and sometimes it doesn’t. If you’re a fan of all things “behind the scenes,” you should be a fan of this section of my website.

Updated March 12th, 2018

-I’ve been buckling down on apps this year. So far in 2018, I’ve released Sticker Picture Articulation (January), Tap Champion Articulation (February), and Zoom In Articulation (March). These apps have been ideas that I’ve had for years so it’s nice to finally get them out of my head and into code. I hope that ya’ll are diggin’ those three apps. More apps to come this year, I promise. Stay tuned.

Episode 4 of SLP Trivia Fun just dropped. Nice.

-My friend Mitch and I wrote the 10th chapter to this awesome book. The book comes out very soon.


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