This is where you can find out what I'm doing right now. I'm always keepin' busy, baby!

This is an often updated section of my website that tells you exactly what I’m focused on at this point in time. Sometimes what I’m focused on has to do with the field of speech-language pathology and sometimes it doesn’t. If you’re a fan of all things “behind the scenes,” you should be a fan of this section of my website.

Updated June 13th, 2018

-I’ve truly fallen in love with the whole podcasting process. Since starting SLP Trivia Fun in November of 2017, I’ve learned so much and I’ve pushed myself to create in ways that I’ve never created before. I enjoy being out of my comfort zone like that. To date, I’ve released 6 episodes and you can listen to the most recent one HERE. I hope you like it. So, for the foreseeable future, a substantial amount of my creative energy will keep going into this podcasting endeavor.

-My summer project is a speech therapy app. It’s the most complicated one I’ve ever tried to make. There’s not much I can share right now, but I’d like to release this app in September. Can I make that deadline? Only time will tell. Keep checkin’ back here to see where I’m at.

-Looking for some new music to listen to? I’d recommend the latest jams from Mat Kearney (Kings & Queens is a real jammer). I’ve been following his career forever and I just met him in Philly a couple months ago. Here’s a picture of us. He’s chill.


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