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Create Hilarious Speech Therapy Pictures with Sticker Picture Articulation

Create Hilarious Speech Therapy Pictures with Sticker Picture Articulation

Welp, my latest speech therapy app is now live and I’m beyond excited. It’s called Sticker Picture Articulation and it has to do with exactly what you think it has to do with . . . STICKERS! In short, Sticker Picture Articulation gives a youngster the opportunity to snap a photograph of his or her surroundings and, with a few taps; they can add a number of sound-specific stickers right on top of the photograph to create their very own articulation-specific picture!

Articulation-specific picture?! What do you mean?!

Well, let me walk you through the app so you can see how cool Sticker Picture Articulation is. First, you snap a picture of anything you want through the app. Like, let’s pretend that this is your speech therapy room:

Then, as seen below, the app will direct you to choose your target articulation sound (pick from S, Z, R, L, S/R/L Blends, SH, CH, or TH).

Next, let’s choose the /S/ sound at the initial position of words. As you see below, the app brings you over to a bunch of initial /S/ stickers that can be placed on top of the photo you took. Scroll up and down to see all the stickers!

Once you find a picture that tickles your fancy, all you have to do is tap the “ADD” button and BAM! You now placed the ‘sandwich’ sticker on that photo you took!

And you don’t have to stop at just that one ‘sandwich’ sticker. Sticker Picture Articulation allows you to add as many stickers as you want. So go nuts with your articulation-specific picture! Stickers galore! Woo hoo!

Oh! So THAT’S what an articulation-specific picture is?! That’s so cool!

You bet it’s cool! Dare I say that this is one of the coolest speech therapy apps out there. And I know, I know, I’m the one who created the thing, so yes, I’m totally biased. But really though, this speech therapy app is oodles of fun and it really get’s children excited to practice their articulation.

App highlights:

  • A child-friendly interface: simple and intuitive, a wonderful experience from start to finish!
  • Tons of sound-specific stickers: with just a tap of a finger, children and clinicians can instantly add one of over 450 sound-specific stickers directly to their photo!
  • Loads of giggles: before, during, and after each sticker picture is created, oodles and oodles of laughter will fill the speech therapy room!
  • A spectacular save feature: after looking at and talking about your sticker picture, tap the Save button to save it directly to your device’s camera reel!

The power of pictures!

I invite you to use Sticker Picture Articulation to spice up your speech therapy sessions. All of the sound-specific stickers are intended to initiate excitement and humor. And in all honesty, each articulation-specific picture you or your clients create has the potential to spark conversations that could lead almost anywhere. Even an articulation-specific picture that appears simple can trigger a unique thought that surprises all parties involved.

In closing . . .

So what are you waiting for? Let your imagination run wild and have fun with this one of a kind digital speech therapy material! More information about this app can be found right HERE.

SLP Trivia Fun Welcomes Bri Jennissen from Minnesota

SLP Trivia Fun Welcomes Bri Jennissen from Minnesota

Happy 2018 to you and ours! January is finally here and that means it’s time for another podcast episode of SLP Trivia Fun. Episode number 3 can be listened to right HERE and it features Bri Jennissen, my good buddy, from Minnesota. She’s a terrific SLP who works in a private practice with kiddos and, let me tell you, she’s one heck of a clinician. I’ve worked together with her over the past two summers at Camp Shout Out and it was an honor to have her on SLP Trivia Fun.

Graduate school stuff.

The theme for episode number 3 was grad school. Thanks to a few Google searches, I was able to cook up some solid questions that related to all things SLP grad school. Some examples from the episode are:

According to the most recent U.S. News and World Report Best Grad Schools Rankings from 2016, Vanderbilt University is tied with one other school as the number 1 graduate school in speech-language pathology. Which school is tied with Vanderbilt University?

Hmm . . . good question, huh? If you want to know the answer, you better listen to episode number 3, babe.

According to, as of December 2017 there’s only one state in America that does not have a master’s degree level program in speech-language pathology. What state is it?

Hmm . . . another good question. Does Bri get this one correct?!

According to, there are a number of universities where you can study to get your Ph.D. in speech-language pathology. How many universities offer a Ph.D. in speech-language pathology?

Wow! Another good question?! And two think there’s another 2 questions in the mix?! Life sure is good!

In closing . . .

I highly recommend this episode if you’re an SLP who loves the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Tennessee, ummm . . . lakes, Harry Potter, corny jokes about fruit, and Seventeen Magazine. Because, just in case you couldn’t guess, all of that random stuff is mentioned in this latest episode. Thanks for listening! Love ya!

SLP Trivia Fun Welcomes Yvette Mccoy from Maryland

SLP Trivia Fun Welcomes Yvette Mccoy from Maryland

And we’re back with the second ever installment of SLP Trivia Fun. Episode number 2 can be listened to right HERE and, fair warning, it’s a real knee-slapper of a good time because we have one of my bestest friends ever on the show, Yvette Mccoy from Maryland. She has been an SLP in an outpatient setting for 23 years, and she specializes in swallowing, which is an aspect of the field that I know very VERY little about. Yvette is one smart cookie and I know you’re gonna learn a ton from her on this episode.

Swallow stuff and brain stuff!

The theme on this episode revolves around swallowing stuff and brain stuff. We chatted a bit about dysphagia and aphasia. I also challenged her with some random sports trivia because ya never know what you’re going to get with this podcast. Am I right?!

Do you know the name of the doctor who made huge discoveries in the Broca’s area of the brain?

I don’t know. Listen to this first episode and you’ll find out.

Do you know the name of the doctor who made huge discoveries in the Wernicke’s area of the brain?

I don’t know. Listen to this first episode and you’ll find out.

Grey’s Anatomy, anyone?

Are you a Grey’s Anatomy fan? Well, in this episode Yvette talks about how the creators of that show sometimes drop the ball, with regard to having SLPs represented on the show. And we daydream about the show that WE would make. Hollywood, here we come!

In closing . . .

Big thanks to Yvette for being the second ever SLP Trivia Fun contestant. She’s a real champion SLP and I’m lucky to be besties with her.

P.S. If you’re enjoying SLP Trivia Fun so far, please do me a solid and leave me a comment? If you use an iPhone, you can easily do it right from there. All you have to do is Launch Apple’s Podcast app and then tap the Search tab. Enter the name “SLP Trivia Fun” and tap the blue Search key at the bottom right. Tap the SLP Trivia Fun logo and then the Reviews tab. Tap Write a Review at the bottom, add some stars and type a review. It’s that easy, buddy. Thanks!

SLP Trivia Fun Welcomes Katie Millican from Alaska

SLP Trivia Fun Welcomes Katie Millican from Alaska

The very first episode of SLP Trivia Fun is now live and you can go HERE to check it out. With this podcast, there’s only one rule, and that one rule is that every contestant on SLP Trivia Fun has to be an SLP. The format of the game show is simple, one person from the “audience” is “randomly” picked and asked 5 trivia questions which will have a specific theme related to the field of speech-language pathology. If the contestant gets all of the questions correct, that person wins a cool prize! Who doesn’t like prizes, ya’ll?

Let’s say hello to Katie Millican.

Let the history books show that the lovely Katie Millican was the first ever contestant on SLP Trivia Fun. She’s a dear friend of mine from Alaska. Katie has been working in a private practice for 2 months now which is a new environment for her since she’s been an SLP in a school-setting for about 5 years. She’s so good at what she does and her private practice is lucky to have her. In general, Katie is a star and she totally shines in this episode.

Lots of silly talk.

We talk about bald eagles sweeping up chickens. We talk about llamas (which, I’m told, are not native to Alaska). And we even talk a bit about dinosaurs (did they have dinosaurs in Alaska at one time?). I could chat with Katie all day. She’s grand.

When was the ice cream cone invented?

I don’t know. Listen to this first episode and you’ll find out.

When was the first journal article about autism published?

I don’t know. Listen to this first episode and you’ll find out.

Did you know that there was one year where the ASHA convention was actually NOT in America?

Nope, you probably didn’t know that and that’s exactly why you need to listen to this first episode. 😉

In closing . . .

Huge thanks to Katie for being on this first episode of SLP Trivia Fun. And if you enjoyed this podcast, please do reach out to me and let me know. It would mean a ton to me if you shared your thoughts. Thanks!

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